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This is a bit delayed, obviously we gave them out at the end of term…

rock pets

This was a fun messy one..

First we painted the stones.

rock pets rock pets rock pets

After they were dry we drew on them with sharpie markers, and painted them with a pva/water mix and stuck eyes on them. Technically only Miss Emily wanted the googly eyes on hers.

rock pets rock pets

When they were dry, Oscar added his thank you notes as a sort of tail. He stuck them on with foam pads.

rock pets rock pets


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I really must take better pix. Too busy doing I guess, which isn’t such a bad thing. Oz made butterflies for his teachers at the end of term. It’s a peg, beads, glue gun and some pipe cleaners. I have seen the idea all over blogland. I even have a pin for a similar one. On the day of course I just made it up as I went along. (As you do!)

teacher gift beady butterfly

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It’s Superman and  Lois Lane outside the fortress of solitude don’t you know! 🙂

Let the Mummy have her minute of “Wow! That’s Awesome!”

That is all!

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This little Gem was all Bethan’s doing in half term. Glorious day, cranky boys, where shall we go for some energy running down? the woods! Give me a minute on Google she says, and out of the printer pops a sheet of pictures of squirrels, nuts, leaves etc and a treasure hunt was born! We did a much longer walk than usual and the boys were all hunting for stuff.

Here’s our list:

oak leaf


sweet chestnut

horse chestnut





On the walk we thought of lots of things that we should add for another time.


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Where do sight words come from I ask myself? Well I used to. Now I know! In our house they come from a quarry! The fat controller tells Thomas that ‘and’ and ‘the’ need collecting from the quarry urgently and should be brought to the station. Thomas, being a really useful engine, collects them (with Oscar’s help of course). I kid you not that’s how the first 20 were learnt!

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Did you have a vase thing like this when you were a kid?
I did, and it look the longest time to find one for Oscar. I guess they’re not cool or something. We had a outing to buy the bulb one day after school and plonked it in the jar another day and have regular checks on it’s progress. A whole packful of 5 minute pleasers for the price of one you might say!

Anyhoo, the plan was for a post a week to show you progress. You have been saved this horror by a) my laziness in posting and b) my phone hating me and eating all my photos from the last 2 months. (including Miss Emily’s first sitting up moment – gutted!) anyhoo. Here’s a quick update for now and more to follow!

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Stuff happens….

…and although I take the photos they don’t seem to be making it online. I’ll try to work on that, but right now it’s mostly treading water around here. I’m forever wondering how to fit *good* stuff around school.
Sometimes Oz mournfully asks me to do [insert playtime activity here] for him while he’s at school.

This post is the product of that from a couple of weeks ago.

“Please can you build me a road today Mummy?”

Okay then….



Did you spot the deliberate mistake? Oz did. Nearly immediately!


Yep. There’s one facing the wrong way in there!

Hopefully there will be more tales of five minute pleasers coming soon.

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