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I really do promise that this is the last December Daily post!!!

Here’s the spread for Christmas Eve:

Here’s the left hand side, the photo collage is done using photoscape (free to download).

(The instructions for the snowman cupcakes are coming shortly!)

and here’s the right!

Christmas Day:

Here’s the double.

Left hand side is the table ready for Chrsitmas Dinner.

and the right hand side:

Is that lego box actually larger than the small boy unwrapping it? Thanks Oma!

Hey Laura – see you being featured?

Boxing Day:

Trying out the new bike at Grandma’s… a single as it’s the last page in the album!

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Day 19:

Here’s the double…

and the left hand side… yep I cheated with a postcard.

and the right hand side of the journey…

Day 21

and the right hand side…

See my new tape and the wooden star.

Isn’t my little boy a cutie?

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I actually did these on approximately the right days must Christmas manic-ness got right in the way of blogging, so now I’m playing catch up.

Day 15

Here’s the double page. The red coaster came free on a prima magazine a while ago.

Here’s the close up of the right hand side…

The rub on’s are studio G (from my advent calendar, thanks Susan!)

Day 16

You can see the opened up costa cup which I’ve wanted to try for a while.

day 17

Here’s the left hand side (back of the costa cup). Loving the layers built up behind it!

And the right hand side. Not at all happy with this one but that’s life!

Day 18

Left hand side. (It’s hard to make a cross channel ferry look Christmassy!)

and the right hand side shows the market map from day 19… here’s the first of the wooden Christmas trees I bought on said trip to Germany. You’ll see a few more!


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So I’m not really keeping up very well. Been working on finishing presents etc before we leave for Christmas Markets in Germany on Sunday. That and sitting down is a bit limited. Unhelpful physio today (common sense + wait til May – that was worth missing work for!) But anyway I scrapped to cheer up before collecting Oz from Nursery. They are more basic than usual, but they are in the album and as a cumulative effect it’s all good!

Day 12

Santacame to visit (with thelocal Lions club) Oz has been too scared to visit Santa so this worked out great!

Day 13

So after 3 days of effort we finally finished the tree. And I didn’t even have to do any shuffling to get Christmas trees on the background. Amazing!

Day 14

I’m definately wishing I did a few more plainer backgrounds like this! I’m loving Ali’s white ones…

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Here is day 11…. it’s the third one in last nights 1 hour page marathon… so still very simple…

Here’s the right hand side close up:

I used ribbon tape again, this time as photo corners (and also to help hold the photo to the calico). the letters work rather well but were chosen more from adhering properties to asthetics. (IsĀ  that spelt right?)

The right hand side is very plain, just the journalling. I’m wishing I’d embellished it a bit…

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It’s been a difficult couple of days around here, but I got caught up last night. (3 days in just under an hour so don’t expect great art forms!) I have 3 more days to get through at work this week, then comes a break! Hurrah! Also this week comes Oscar’s dress rehersal and nativity play and nursery Christmas party. Not to mention the finishing of all the Christmas presents still uncompleted! not a lot then!

Here is day 9.

Here is the Right hand side. Rub on’s by Studio G and from my advent calendar. (Thanks Sue) Sparkly sticker from a cheapie pack that i despaired of ever using. Strip is fabric/ribbon pre sticky bnacked and I think from paper mania or dove craft.

Here is the rather boring left hand side.

It has thickers and some snowflakes from a japanese brand.

Day 10 is basically a mirror of day 9, to match up through the transparency…

Left hand side:

and the very plain flipper on the right…


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I promise this is the last post for today, especially if you’re a subscriber and I’m filling your inbox.

Here is day 8!

Left hand side with last years christmas postage stamps.

Left hand side flipper:


and all together…

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