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Been a bit quiet…..

It’s been a bit quiet here recently. Turns out I’m not in fact super mummy and I can’t do everything at once to the level my perfectionist self wants. That might be obvious to the rest of the world but it’s come as an overwhelming shock to me! Anyhoo, normal service will shortly be resumed.

In the meantime we’re relaxing in a field…

Eating breakfast with a view


Just chillin’


Model hovercraft….


Right now we’re waiting for the bigger noisier ones to start racing. :0) go daddy go!

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I mentioned I was thinking of fun things to do with old socks right?

Well I made this with Oz recently… Actually he mostly watched and did the art critic thing… oh and made important decisions such as eyes and hair colour.


Getting ready (We decided against the pom pom nose in the end..)

First wrap the wool around your hand and then knot it to make the bundle of hair:

Sew the wool to the sock. Also sew on eyes… yes I got carried away again… here’s the finished pic!





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Hello world!

Wow! My first blog post! I’ve been reading kids craft/crochet/scrapbook blogs and especially link parties like Made By You Monday at Skip to my Lou for months and wishing I could join in and post our fun too. So here I am taking the big leap into Blogland. I hope you enjoy reading about me, mine and what we get up to in our craft filled, messy and busy lives!

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