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Last week we changed our Summer Fun wall to an Autumn Activities wall. It’s kind of a bucket list/boredom buster list combined. Here are the photos of the changeover. I wont bore you with listing the individual activities as I’m sure I’ve either told you about the exciting ones or I’m about to! Most of them come fom my overtaxed brain, but of course pinterest and the blogosphere continue to be a great inspiration. 🙂

It’s so hard to take photos of this stuff. Each circle is 3″.

summer bucket list

summer bucket list

summer bucket list


After each activity we put a sticker on the circle. This meant that we could do our favourites a lot without them being crossed off. Also nice to see what is most popular!

summer bucket list

Our Autumn activities is very similar (in fact many of the favourites are up there again). We did them on leaf shapes. Oscar wrote quite a few himself. We have left a lot of blank ones too in case of later inspiration. (I wonder is it too early to put Christmas craft on the list? When will we swap to winter????)

autumn bucket list

autumn bucket list

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This was supposed to be a joint post with Laura over at Mein Koffer ist voll but we never really got organised when she was here. Anyhoo so now I’m just going to tell you that fun pots does late night party nights for grown ups. We went to the first one of the year and had so much fun that we want to go again soon. I collected the results this week and I love them. Need to post Laura hers. Just a wee bit nervous about that!

So here’s the work in progress:

First you have to draw or trace what you want onto paper.


Then you use a transfer carbon paper type thing to transfer it.



Then you can sponge a background (or be brave and sponge first and do everything free hand like this lady!)


Then you can do the painting…



Susan’s is a secret squirrel affair so I can’t show you want she did, it’s a present. 🙂

The pottery is then glazed and fired and you can collect it in a couple of days (or weeks if you’re disorganised like me).

Here’s my finished result… shall we let Laura’s be a surprise when she opens the package? (not that it’s posted yet…)



Looking forward to going again!

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Did you have a vase thing like this when you were a kid?
I did, and it look the longest time to find one for Oscar. I guess they’re not cool or something. We had a outing to buy the bulb one day after school and plonked it in the jar another day and have regular checks on it’s progress. A whole packful of 5 minute pleasers for the price of one you might say!

Anyhoo, the plan was for a post a week to show you progress. You have been saved this horror by a) my laziness in posting and b) my phone hating me and eating all my photos from the last 2 months. (including Miss Emily’s first sitting up moment – gutted!) anyhoo. Here’s a quick update for now and more to follow!

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Obviously we’re British so we don’t do the whole Thanksgiving on the 3rd Thursday of November thing. (is that even when it is?) But I do like to think we’re thankful anyway! [more of that later I hope if I can get oz excited about said planned activity]

Anyhoo my friend Sarah has family in America and so does in fact do thanksgiving right here in the UK. We have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at her house and so I made her a little something. Would you like to see?

The leaf stamps are Wonderfall (stamping Up obviously) and borrowed from the lovely Bethan. Thank you! [Waves!!!] As previously mentioned I have further designs on these! The birdie and happy thanksgiving are (of course) also Stampin’ up. The ribbon is erm…. maybe American Crafts? (Shhhhh don’t tell SU!)

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Hello this is a guest post that I did last year that I thought you might all like to see!

They were so pretty lit, yet I can’t find a single photo…

Today I’m posting about our family advent countdown. I had been trying to think what to do this year and I kept seeing these tealights for vastly extravagant prices… you know what happened next… the infamous “Well, I can make that!”

Of course mine aren’t exactly the same but I like them (better than the shop ones!):

Here’s the how to!

You will need:

24 tea lights



double sided tape

glue dots

sizzix and dies (or your own templates)


‘peel off’ numbers (or other small stickers)


fine glitter

Here’s how I did it!

First use double sided tape to wrap ribbon around the night light.

Cut out some small paper shapes to decorate. I used quikutz poinsttia and holly in my sizzix.

Use glue dots to add the decoration.

Now add bling and a number and your poinsettia is done!

Use a similar process for the holly. I just used these 2 designs but do what you think!

Repeat the process ad infinitum.  It helps if you have a lovely friend to cut while you stick (Thanks Juliet!)

When they were done they didn’t look quite finished. The lovely juliet came up with an ‘add glitter’ idea! I think she lives by the motto ‘sparkly is better!’ and in this case she is so right!

And that’s all there is to it! Have a happy advent!

Here are some other Christmassy projects from last year to get you in the mood!

Christmas Stocking

European Advent Traditions

Kids Craft

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Bloom Designs

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I see a lot of fancy ‘Family Command Centres’ in blogland and since we’re doing a little less around here right now (well a little less *blogable* anyway) I thought I’d show you mine! Mind you, I didn’t realise I had a Command Centre, here was me thinking I had a kitchen wall!

The dinner planner is laminated so it’s wipeclean. The mini white board is from the pound shop. You can also see shopping lists, Oz activity lists, cards, Oscar art etc etc. The whiteboard sometimes has a to do list, sometimes important dates and sometimes a Bible verse or two. Just as the mood/need takes me!

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