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Last week we changed our Summer Fun wall to an Autumn Activities wall. It’s kind of a bucket list/boredom buster list combined. Here are the photos of the changeover. I wont bore you with listing the individual activities as I’m sure I’ve either told you about the exciting ones or I’m about to! Most of them come fom my overtaxed brain, but of course pinterest and the blogosphere continue to be a great inspiration. 🙂

It’s so hard to take photos of this stuff. Each circle is 3″.

summer bucket list

summer bucket list

summer bucket list


After each activity we put a sticker on the circle. This meant that we could do our favourites a lot without them being crossed off. Also nice to see what is most popular!

summer bucket list

Our Autumn activities is very similar (in fact many of the favourites are up there again). We did them on leaf shapes. Oscar wrote quite a few himself. We have left a lot of blank ones too in case of later inspiration. (I wonder is it too early to put Christmas craft on the list? When will we swap to winter????)

autumn bucket list

autumn bucket list

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Miss Emily and I made this sometime in June!

sparkle bottle

Inspiration was simply Miss Emily playing with a water bottle when she was bored spectating at the previous race meeting. When we got home we added all kinds of sparkly stuff to make it more interesting. I guess it’s a sensory toy! She thinks it’s awesome. All it took was 10 mins and stuff we had lying around the house… we used beads, sequins, a pipe cleaner and a quality street wrapper or two (the see through jewelly bit).

sparkle bottle

Emily had fun putting the bits in. fine motor control skills?

sparkle bottle

sparkle bottle

sparkle bottle

Note: I taped the lid on, also with having an older one in the house I’m quite realistic of the stuff that Miss Emily gets her hands on anyway. Either way, do watch the baby!!!!

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[Except Emily, who laughs in the face of routine!] – Authors note!

So how do you get an over excited 4 year old, a baby who hates mornings and an over tired mummy out of the house by 8am?

Here’s what we do.

First mummy has a crib sheet the night before…

This is so when Miss Emily has been up 10 times the night before and the brain has left the building, stuff still happens!

The alarm goes off at 6.45am. eek! Mummy and Miss Emily resolutely ignore it, Mr happy happy joy joy bounces up the stairs and wakes us all up. we then follow the magnets on Oscar’s board…

Remember these? they’re from the Visual timetable but we didn’t need them after it went weekly, until Early Mornings reared it’s ugly head! (Note we’ve been getting into routine while Daddy is away at the Hovercraft World Championships, We’ll find him a job when he gets home, so don’t worry, He’s not being allowed to sleep!) We move up each magnet as the task is completed. Actually this is week 3 and we basically ignore this list already. We only needed it to get us going to begin with…

If you want our magnets the download is here.

Turns out the main impediment to getting out before 8am was this:

She doesn’t *look* like she could derail a whole raft of carefully orchestrated plans, does she? Soooo angelic! She wouldn’t scream her way through a bottle (well ,through the first 30ml of a bottle for 45mins) in defiance of being woken early, would she? Well yes actually, she would! The answer turns out to be baby breakfast! Hide the milk in a bowl of baby breakfast. Spoon it in while she giggles and Jobs’ a good ‘un! Awesome!

Right on to getting out the door! First make tea in a thermo mug (yes and one for you Bethan!) then load baby into buggy and herd people out the door. (Yes it’s still called herding with only one 4 year old. Ever tried herding cats?)

On the way out the door check the list blue tacked at the appropriate height…

If you have followed the steps in the right order you will hopefully achieve this:

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So this week I finally worked out how to update the visual timetable. Now he’s older we need to have a week to view. I still have to print out doubles (or triples) of some magnets, and I guess it’s work in progress as we see how it works out!

We’ve also added dates etc.

The original VT post is here.

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This post is for Ally, who wanted evidence of us out enjoying the garden. Technically these pix were taken in March when I actually had a spare hand to man the camera, but I can assure you we’re still playing obstacle courses when it isn’t raining!

This all started as another way to tempt Oz outside, although he does seem to be getting the hang of it again now. It’s also good for all those gross motor skills, not to mention actually touching the grass and feeling the sun/wind on you  without freaking out!

First roll the cars down the slide and follow them:

Now the hopper…

Through the tunnel…

Throw the bean bags into the tub…

run around the bench and jump between the stepping stones…

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After a few (or maybe a lot) of arguments about the number of times that a certain small boy has to get down from the dinner table to clean his fingers we started him using a wet flannel (face cloth). I since decided that maybe it having to be wet isn’t a very transportable or socially normal solution. That and he still preferred to wipe them along the glass table than on the flannel. He’s really not keen on the paper napkin/serviette route, yes even if it has Mario on it, as it too ‘feels funny’.

So here is our simple solution.

Have small boy choose funky fabric.

Cut said funky fat quarter in 4. (is it now a fat eighth?)

Iron rolled hems into place (beats pinning any day!)

Stitch hems.

Present to small boy at meal times.

Happy small boy = happy Mummy

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So here we are again being almost wordless!

This is touchpad practice. (Easier than mouse control in Oz land I have been categorically informed!)

I couldn’t resist showing you this as well, which accompanied by a squeal is the reaction if you change/overwrite the colour of part of Bowser by clicking. The photo looses much in translation, but I think you get the idea! who knew online colouring was this much fun?

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