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It’s not exactly a Friday Cake Break, but it *is* a yummy bake.

You remember the harvest bounty from our lovely garden?

harvest bounty

Well after the novelty of blackberry and Apple Crumble ran out (as indeed did the blackberries) there were (and still are) about a million apples still to eat. Hmmmm so the freezer is full of stewed apple and cooked blackberries…. we should try some other cooking methods…

We did momentarily have dried apple rings but it turns out they take about an hour to peel. core, chop, removing manky bits; 5 hours to dry in a very low oven; and about 3 minutes to eat. So lets not do that again. Gone so quick there’snot even a photo.

These parcels were an experiment born of left over pastry and of course a lot of apples hanging about.

Pastry, apple and brown sugar with cinamon…

baked apple parcels

Beautifully and tidily wrapped, not.

baked apple parcels baked apple parcels

Pretty? not so much. Oh but sooooo yummy with custard. Will do these again. 🙂

baked apple parcels

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I’ve been putting off this post for ages… 3 months at least… mostly because I couldn’t decide if I should split it up or what…

I may have gone just a leeeetle over the top. Just maybe…

Here are the cookies… teapots of course. What a perfect excuse to use the teapot cutter 😉

2013-04-30 22.21.00

These are the toppers waiting to go on fairy cakes…


and some baby sized cakes in petit fours cases.


Sweeties on the table… it’s my pampered chef trifle bowl. (I added washi tape bunting but it’s a bit hard to see.)


The macaroons… there’s a post still to write about the trials and tribulations of those macaroons…


Oscar’s input was helping me make these cute marshmallow teacups. He ‘did good’ don’t you think?


party straws and pink lemonade… the toppers are stampin up…


Mini mouse oreo pops…



And a couple of shots of the whole thing.




Grown ups had their tea and cake from Oma’s China tea service. And we had Miss Emily’s new sandpit picnic table (sands sand of course) with some plastic tea sets for the little ones to play with.

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snow ice cream

So it may not be new to you people on the far side of the pond but we’d certainly never tried it…

I found a recipe for snow ice cream here. I had heard it mentioned but never really knew what it was; yet more snow sent me racing to pinterest for stuff to do.

We didn’t use the same ratios as Blooming on Bainbridge but here’s our take on it.

Start by whisking 2 eggs for a loooooooong time.


Add in your milk (we used goats milk as Mummy and Miss Emily can’t have cow’s milk) and sugar and whisk a lot more.


 Next you’re gonna need some snow. We used 2 bowls this size!


Slowly mix in the snow…


It turns all ice creamy!!!


Some of us weren’t all that sure about eating snow….


Some of us were rather enthusiastic!


It got all melty very fast…

snow ice cream

But we saved some in the freezer for later!


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So as you do on a Monday Morning with nothing better to do I hopped around the link parties. (See where I party here.)

And I found this yummy looking sprinkle covered sugar cookie recipe over at Jellibean Journals. Now I’ve never made American style sugar cookies. Miss Emily and I decided we’d give it a go. (note to self: baby and gooey mix, not a good combination!)

I thought they would stay ball shaped like this:

sprinkle sugar cookies

Don’t they look so pretty? I spent so long coating every last bit of cookie ball with sprinkles. I wanted to put them on sticks like cake pops. I was quite excited about this, which means Miss Emily was excited too.

Who knew that what they actually do is this?

sprinkle sugar cookies

They didn’t come out nearly so pretty as Jelli’s but they did taste good! (and Miss Emily and I used up a LOT of half jars of sprinkles too… time for a sprinkle shopping spree?)

sprinkle sugar cookies

Not one of my best baking moments, but we’ll certainly try it again…

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Nothing says I love you like a pie! I finally tried out the individual pie pots that Jamie bought me. I think he was pretty wowed!

valentine pie



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So I found these lemon magic bars on inside Bru Crew life . They look awesome and yummy and amazing (go have a look!)

Mine not so much.

There were a few set backs 🙂 I’m allergic to dairy so condensed milk isn’t a possibility or indeed white chocolate. My household won’t eat coconut. Also we don’t really do box cake mixes in the UK like they do in the USA. (When I was in Texas there was seriously a whole aisle of them in the supermarket!)

Undeterred I ploughed on! I made my usual lemon sponge mix. (5 eggs of it, but added extra flour as her mixture was described as thick.)

Once made up I poured it into a pyrex dish.  (I figured that Brownies need glass or pyrex and this is similar, right?) Next Miss Emily and I walked to the shop (in the falling SNOW) to buy a pack of marshmallows. It seems I should have checked ingredients before commencing baking. On returning home we sorted the nmarshallows to get just white ones, pressed the marshmallows in and added some sprinkles….



We pushed them down well into the cake mix and jammed it in the oven at 180 degrees C. Half way through baking I discovered the marshmallows were browning nicely. oops! Oh no! I loosely covered the cake in tinfoil to porotect them!


Here is the end result… I was a bit disappointed after the shiny white magic bars.  But it tasted yummy and I have had requests for a renmake so I guess it was a sucess!



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Don’t you love Christmas baking? I do!

I was persuaded by some wise friends to let Miss Emily ‘help’ and to let her make a mess! Well Susan and Kate, you’d be proud of me. I wish I was the messy mummy more often, but see I let her play with flour and even eat it!!!

Gratuitous baby photos coming up (in case you can’t see how cute she is in the album pic which is, I promise you, coming!  (can I spell gratuitous btw?)



Right, if you made it past all that here is today’s DD page:



As you probably saw I used the stars overlay, and stuck a second photo to it. The teeny cookie cutter buttons are from hobby craft.

I also found 6×6 paper with 2 slightly different wishlist blanks on it, side by side. (It’s by kaiserkraft.) I folded it and stuck it back to back and journalled on it. This has gone in as a flipper before Day 1. As ever I may yet move it. 🙂 Here it is:



I really must include the gingerbread recipe one year! maybe I’ll fit it in someplace this year. There’s bound to be more cookies to come!

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