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snow ice cream

So it may not be new to you people on the far side of the pond but we’d certainly never tried it…

I found a recipe for snow ice cream here. I had heard it mentioned but never really knew what it was; yet more snow sent me racing to pinterest for stuff to do.

We didn’t use the same ratios as Blooming on Bainbridge but here’s our take on it.

Start by whisking 2 eggs for a loooooooong time.


Add in your milk (we used goats milk as Mummy and Miss Emily can’t have cow’s milk) and sugar and whisk a lot more.


 Next you’re gonna need some snow. We used 2 bowls this size!


Slowly mix in the snow…


It turns all ice creamy!!!


Some of us weren’t all that sure about eating snow….


Some of us were rather enthusiastic!


It got all melty very fast…

snow ice cream

But we saved some in the freezer for later!


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So you remember when it snowed at home we made the snowman and the snowdog and we made art in the snow with squeezy bottles? Well in Switzerland we stepped it up a little. I give you, in glorious technicolour, snow angry birds….

We made them from snow and then ‘painted’ them with food colour and water in a squeezy bottle. The colour faded after 24 hours though.


snow angry birds

Terrance and Chuck

snow angry birds


snow angry birds

See? the piste basher got an outing too.

snow angry birds

snow angry birds

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As you know we recently made a snow dash to the mountains. We stayed in an awesome chalet, and when we arrived we discovered that the previous inhabitants had left us this…. if that’s not awrsome then I don’t know what is.

real snow igloo

real snow igloo

real snow igloo

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I saw something like this in Mollie Makes as a photo shoot prop and we thought we’d see if we could make some.



Here’s what we did:

   P1150674 P1150675





We found that after an overnight in the sheltered spot under the trampoline we had very thin sheets of ice we’re gonna try leaving it in a more exposed spot and seeing if we get better results…



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I’ve seen this on pinterest. We loved it! Two washing up liquid bottles some food colouring and a very happy small boy. 🙂






Note ‘nk’ was Thursday’s sound at school! (He’s also done sh th ch ng I suppose any practice is good, right?) We might try other colours another day if the snow lasts!!!

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The lego guys have been on an adventure! They are all over the winter sports don’t you know! We had skiers, skaters and of course a snow plough. Even a non lego piste basher got a look in.

P1150736 P1150740 P1150709 P1150708 P1150706 P1150700

See the skaters are on an actual slab of ice! Awesome! He loved it! (Incidentally Daddy added the snowplough to the truck. We think the blade is the dish from the lego airport?)

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Today we’re covering the totally traditional (with maybe a teeny twist here and there).

You gotta start with a snowman, right? and since this Christmas’ film of choice, he has to have a snow dog.

  P1150685 P1150729 P1150728

Then there is sledging. (A first for Oscar and Emily too!)

P1150742 P1150750

Snow angels…. not super traditional for the UK but pretty standard in the USA!

P1150670 P1150671

A spot of tracking.


No, the cat doesn’t have 8 toes he’s just careful about where he puts his feet!

And finally snowballs… but Mummy so doesn’t like having snow thrown at her, and Miss Emily isn’t keen either! (Even Oscar isn’t keen if the snow is thrown at *him*.) So we made a target for ours!

P1150699 P1150697

Look out for some more unusual ideas over the next couple of days….


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