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For those of you that have been asking, yes I did actually finish my December daily. I even finished it in December, and a one day cropfest we had between Christmas and new year.

So without further ado…

the 16th

December Daily 2012

the 17th

december daily 2012

The 18th is Oscar’s school play so I can’t show you that, as there are other kids in the pictures. Here is the 19th though…

december daily 2012

and the 20th


and 21st… an invitation…

december daily 2012

22nd, at Grandy’s house

december daily 2012


P1150934 P1150936 december daily 2012


december daily 2012

and finally, Christmas day.

december daily 2012

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So as usual it’s a bit hectic here! I have been doing the DD but not had so much time to upload stuff. Here are the next few pages. and no, I haven’t done yesterday’s yet…

I re-did the flipper piece as I said I might. Who can resist a Haribo Christmas packet?


Day 11 was mostly about snowmen:

P1150403 P1150402

And on Day 12, Miss Emily discovered that you can play “Where’s Emily gone?” with a santa hat.


Day 13 recorded the expedition to get the Christmas tree (which technically happened on day 9!)


and here’s the flipper between them. (I found another Hambly screen printed overlay, or part there of.)


Day 14 was Chrsitmas Fair day. I can’t believe how much hard work goes into such events!

P1150407 P1150408

Day 15 we painted pottery at fun pots…


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Very simple (and fast page today) I was all set with some pictures of the kids playing with a santa hat when the lions club knocked on the door because santa was visiting! Jamie took Oscar out in his pjs. 🙂


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So it was a busy weekend, okay? And on the weekend, naptime is not my own. Turns out DD is in fact easier on weekdays!!!

So here we are with day 7. Reasonably simple. Also added in the gingerbread recipe from yesterday! yes that’s a *clean* cake case. There was one left in the packet after i made the cakes. Seemed like a shame not to! Incidentally the holly sequin fell out of a Christmas card we recieved (with many of it’s friends and relations!) The wooden tree is a German one too.


Day 8

This is perhaps my favourite day so far. Inspired by Ali Edward’s travel day I added a fold out piece. I also found some journalling spots from maya Road that I thought I had run out of ages ago…. The tape is fabric tape. erm, the paper is stampin’ up. The insatitry required to do a kids christmas party is all mine!



As you can see I added a ‘ calm after the storm’ pic as a flipper, mostly because I needed the back of it!


Day 9

Was Christingle Day. Beautiful Photo by Uncle Rob, the rest is very simple but I like it! Crisis though, Think I have run out of spare kraft cardstock!!! How could this happen????? Oh the bracket frame/label is KaiserKraft.


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Don’t you love Christmas baking? I do!

I was persuaded by some wise friends to let Miss Emily ‘help’ and to let her make a mess! Well Susan and Kate, you’d be proud of me. I wish I was the messy mummy more often, but see I let her play with flour and even eat it!!!

Gratuitous baby photos coming up (in case you can’t see how cute she is in the album pic which is, I promise you, coming!  (can I spell gratuitous btw?)



Right, if you made it past all that here is today’s DD page:



As you probably saw I used the stars overlay, and stuck a second photo to it. The teeny cookie cutter buttons are from hobby craft.

I also found 6×6 paper with 2 slightly different wishlist blanks on it, side by side. (It’s by kaiserkraft.) I folded it and stuck it back to back and journalled on it. This has gone in as a flipper before Day 1. As ever I may yet move it. 🙂 Here it is:



I really must include the gingerbread recipe one year! maybe I’ll fit it in someplace this year. There’s bound to be more cookies to come!

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Another fast page! The pic was easy as I wanted to document the ‘nearly’ snow we had this morning. It fell for over an hour, but it fell on to puddles and was never going to lay.

As you can see I found another piece of that overlay. That surely is the last of it! The stars have been bumped to tomorrow, although I have been considering them for before day 1 instead…

Here is the double layout:


The stamp is an older British one. (no visible postmark.) the gold star is one of a few left from the Christmas market in Dortmund, Germany a few years ago.

And here is how yesterday now looks:


This postage stamp is labelled 2002. Not sure of the country though. Writing looks Scandinavian. I think the page balances better now, what do you think?

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Today’s page isn’t my usual layered stuff. This is because I wanted the card that Oz made me to stand out. Don’t you just love those proud mummy moments?

You can kind of see the star overlay, although depending on day 5 I may move it and put something more kiddie and less subtle in there. We shall see.

Here’s the details:



By the way the stamp was raided from my Mum’s ‘swaps’ pile and is from the United States. It’s postmarked 1988! cool huh? (I was a Brownie in 1988! I bet you always wanted to know that!)


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