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Scooters are everywhere! I’m sure if there’s a child in your life under the age of about 10 then at least 1 scooter resides in your vicinity. Miss Emily (being the second child) has started scooting early! This leads to the “what to do beside main roads or on steep hills or indeed when the two year old gets bored?” question. I have researched this and discovered that the marketed solution is both expensive and easily repeatable (especially in a workroom where what I mostly sew is hovercraft skirt segments)! So here we go… the scooter pull hack!

scooter pull tutorial

It’s been a long time since I did a full on tutorial and I haven’t gotten any less lazy in my old age so without further ado, the traditional Number 29 annotated photo time line…

scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial scooter pull tutorial

Clearly if Miss Emily needs one the besties can’t be left out!

scooter pull tutorial

scooter pull tutorial

Of course I end up pulling her a lot too, but I can’t take a pic of that can I?

20141002_095859 20141002_095846

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Caterpillar Update

We had to dig up a new ragwort plant this morning for our caterpillar’s breakfast. While doing so we found 3 more caterpillars!!


So now we have 4! I feel the relief of responsibility of managing to keep just one alive!!!

Oscar’s take on it? “This is Sooooo amazing it must be a dream!!!!”

So thankful for this much summer happiness from such a little thing. 🙂

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It’s the first day of the holidays! We’ve been chilling at home while Emily gets used to the mechanics of big girl pants!

The kidlets found a caterpillar in the garden earlier. Of course this necessitates making it a house and hoping that we can grow a butterfly. 


We used a celebrations tub, 4 sticks and some tape, some tuille or net from my sewing stash and 2 of Emily’s hair bands!  We put in the ragwort (dug up by Oz, I’m worried we’ll need to source more if the poor creature is to survive!)

After an extensive Google search here he is….


Hopefully I’ll post some more summer fun shortly!

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We found this cool ,market stall in Argeles-sur-mer whilst on holiday in France this summer…






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We went to a glass blowing festival when we were in France. One of the exhibitors allowed you to make your own Catalan Style glass dish so Oscar and I had to try it…


We started with a flat rectangle of normal glass. We had to stick on border pieces.

catalan glass

To do the design in the middle there were tubs of glass granules in some kind of liquid suspension.

catalan glass

catalan glass

Mine was a sort of abstract design. I was trying for the style we had seen all over the place in shops. Not that it turned out quite like that. This is before it went in the kiln.

catalan glass

Oscar did a hovercraft, what else? Here is his pre-firing picture. He cut most of the little glass squares himself. He had to score and then tap them. (I was scared for his fingers but it was all fine!)

catalan glass

I think the finished product is amazing!!!

catalan glass catalan glass

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A couple of weeks ago the girlies and I had a child free outing to the knit and stitch show at Kensington Olympia.

Here in no particular order is the show eye candy for you all to stroke!















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I’m sure you’re all wondering about my lack of Easter posts…

Easter wasn’t forgotten in the Lewendon house. (and we didn’t just remember the chocolate part either) but there weren’t a lot of Easter crafts. You see the week before we were clearing and packing the camper and then Easter weekend we were away at Santa Pod in the mud and the freezing-ness.

It was worth it. The jet cars were awesome and I think the hovercraft were a real hit too. (Jamie was demonstrating.)

In the midst of it all, here is our muddy Easter Egg hunt!

7 (8)

7 (9)

7 (5)

7 (4)

7 (2)

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