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So what else is afoot in the great outdoors?


Miss Emily and Friends spent a considerable amount of time this weekend threading cheerios onto pipecleaners.


It’s good for fine motor control and, when hung up in the garden, the birds think it’s yummy.

birdfeeder2  birdfeeder3

I do remain a little sceptical about what will happen when it rains though.

If we did it again we would try to get some duller coloured pipecleaners as daddy thinks the brights are ugly (and he’s not wrong). I guess I’ve created a chore for myself as once they are empty, one way or another, I’ll have to go and collect them. Will let you know if the birds actually eat them!

We also planted seeds. Yes, quite possibly they won’t survive, but we planted them anyway!

We filled some seed trays with sieved earth that Oscar has been digging out of his race track site (I’ll show you when he has finished but there’s nothing to see yet). Actually the sieving was a fun activity in itself, must remember to provide an earthy digging area with sieves and trowels and stuff once the rest of the earth works are sorted and there are no spots left for the kids to casually dig in.

Seed packets were read and small fingers planted. This may not sound much to you, but its huge progress in our sensory defensive household.


There was a little disappointment the next morning when nothing had grown. I blame pepper pig and her amazing overnight vegetables for that!


I might even keep you updated on sprouting progress if we manage to keep anything alive!

We planted 4 types of sunflower, peppers, chillies, tomatoes, chives, basil, rocket and something called spicy Chinese leaves. So presumably *something* will grow!

I have no clue where we will plant any of it if it survives!

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Spring has truly sprung at last and things are afoot in the garden here at number 29. Having moved house there are definite out of control issues in the garden here, despite this being our second spring living in it.

With both the garden and the blog (and I suppose the house itself in a way) I have decided to actively not left the perfect stand in the way of the good. It’s a project house with a wasteland of a garden that is far from the top priority but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have little bits of funky cool cuteness spread around the place now does it??

Well of course not, what would number 29 be if we didn’t have the occasional oasis of cool amid the chaos? Just Mess and chaos is what! And we can’t have that, can we?

One of the little coolnesses that is brightening our garden this spring is the mud kitchen.

mud kitchen

Miss Emily and Friends have been cooking up a storm in a kitchen made from a few bricks and bits of wood from the burning pile and some tin plates and old saucepans that Oma donated from her garage. (Thanks Oma!)

Various muddy leafy concoctions are served on a regular basis!

mud kitchen2

If you have small people it’s well worth trying. Hours of fun have come from 10 minutes set up using only stuff we already owned or were planning to throw out! It’s not all that pretty and perfect to my eyes, but to a nearly-three-year-old with a big imagination and a lot of people to feed, it’s awesome!

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Miss Emily made these at mum and toddler group recently, this post is therefore a little bit “cool idea, I should have thought of that” crossed with a bit of “my baby is an actual artistic genius, phone the Tate Modern immediately!” It is a little similar to the flowers that Oz made as teacher presents one year with fun foam, yet looks so completely different.

lolly stick flower

lolly stick flower

lolly stick flower

lolly stick flower

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I so can’t believe it’s time already but my baby started nursery this month.

You remember I am sure that they have to have plimsolls for indoor shoes and that here at number 29 we find plain black plimsolls to be boring and totally incompatible with our lifestyle!!! So here they are… Miss Emily’s nursery shoes!

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

Oscar’s version are here:


painted plimsolls

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Where do sight words come from I ask myself? Well I used to. Now I know! In our house they come from a quarry! The fat controller tells Thomas that ‘and’ and ‘the’ need collecting from the quarry urgently and should be brought to the station. Thomas, being a really useful engine, collects them (with Oscar’s help of course). I kid you not that’s how the first 20 were learnt!

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You may remember I posted about the simple things that Oscar loves best recently. Well here’s another one…

Did you play Kim’s game as a kid? Maybe at Brownies?

Well I introduced it as another summer holiday boredom beater. It was a hit. 🙂

Just in case you don’t remember how…

Gather up a few items (I did 10) from around the house and put them on a tray.

Look at all the items carefully and try to remember what’s there.

Cover the tray with a tea towel.

Try to remember all the items (older kids could write a list, we take turns at saying an item each until we get stuck, this day they got 9/10 which I thought was pretty good at 4 years old)


Close your eyes while an item is removed. Uncover the tray and guess waht it is.

(Oscar likes doing that for me to guess as well)

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Summer holiday is the time for fun with friends in the sun, right? But what if it’s raining? Well then you do ‘making in the scrapping room’ to quote my son. This involves making Mummy clear off the scrapping table and think up something that he and said friend will enjoy making. Fortunately in this respect blogland and pinterest are my friend!

Today’s inspiration comes from Sparkle petal. Here’s how we made Elmer from a milk bottle :o)

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