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I’ve been putting off this post for ages… 3 months at least… mostly because I couldn’t decide if I should split it up or what…

I may have gone just a leeeetle over the top. Just maybe…

Here are the cookies… teapots of course. What a perfect excuse to use the teapot cutter 😉

2013-04-30 22.21.00

These are the toppers waiting to go on fairy cakes…


and some baby sized cakes in petit fours cases.


Sweeties on the table… it’s my pampered chef trifle bowl. (I added washi tape bunting but it’s a bit hard to see.)


The macaroons… there’s a post still to write about the trials and tribulations of those macaroons…


Oscar’s input was helping me make these cute marshmallow teacups. He ‘did good’ don’t you think?


party straws and pink lemonade… the toppers are stampin up…


Mini mouse oreo pops…



And a couple of shots of the whole thing.




Grown ups had their tea and cake from Oma’s China tea service. And we had Miss Emily’s new sandpit picnic table (sands sand of course) with some plastic tea sets for the little ones to play with.

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I did a demo at HobbyCraft in Crawley earlier in the month and I thought you’d like to see a few pictures from it.



I made this heart garland with the lovely paper stack that they gave me to demo with.


This is a note peg using the Stampin’ Up owl stamp from the Christmassy party set.


And a cute 3d bird cage. Also Stampin Up. We like! I stamped the pattern on the bars and also the bird. There’s a matching punch for the birdie too.


This 3d box is something that’s been in my head for a while and I wanted to have time to make. The papers are Stampin Up and the hearts likewise although it’s a retired set called I {heart} hearts.



I had a fun time and hope to demo again there soon.

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So it was a busy weekend, okay? And on the weekend, naptime is not my own. Turns out DD is in fact easier on weekdays!!!

So here we are with day 7. Reasonably simple. Also added in the gingerbread recipe from yesterday! yes that’s a *clean* cake case. There was one left in the packet after i made the cakes. Seemed like a shame not to! Incidentally the holly sequin fell out of a Christmas card we recieved (with many of it’s friends and relations!) The wooden tree is a German one too.


Day 8

This is perhaps my favourite day so far. Inspired by Ali Edward’s travel day I added a fold out piece. I also found some journalling spots from maya Road that I thought I had run out of ages ago…. The tape is fabric tape. erm, the paper is stampin’ up. The insatitry required to do a kids christmas party is all mine!



As you can see I added a ‘ calm after the storm’ pic as a flipper, mostly because I needed the back of it!


Day 9

Was Christingle Day. Beautiful Photo by Uncle Rob, the rest is very simple but I like it! Crisis though, Think I have run out of spare kraft cardstock!!! How could this happen????? Oh the bracket frame/label is KaiserKraft.


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Obviously we’re British so we don’t do the whole Thanksgiving on the 3rd Thursday of November thing. (is that even when it is?) But I do like to think we’re thankful anyway! [more of that later I hope if I can get oz excited about said planned activity]

Anyhoo my friend Sarah has family in America and so does in fact do thanksgiving right here in the UK. We have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at her house and so I made her a little something. Would you like to see?

The leaf stamps are Wonderfall (stamping Up obviously) and borrowed from the lovely Bethan. Thank you! [Waves!!!] As previously mentioned I have further designs on these! The birdie and happy thanksgiving are (of course) also Stampin’ up. The ribbon is erm…. maybe American Crafts? (Shhhhh don’t tell SU!)

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…..making different creatures using the Stampin’ up Owl punch!

No not really, only for about an hour at cropfest on Sunday when I wasn’t awake enough to scrap, but it seemed like a cool title.

By the way this post (and the others I’m writing today for your reading pleasure over the next few weeks (I hope I have that much to say)) is for Alison, Ally, Catherine and various others who have oh so subtly told me I’m slacking. You’re right I am. lack of sleep does that to you! I didn’t slack on the actual activities or photo taking though so there’s lots to catch up.

So here are my non owl creatures. I did realise as I came to post that I didn’t actually do an owl.

The shiny raised bits aredone with Crystal Effects also from stampin’ up. [I have added a page here with the catalogues for you to browse.]

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Yes, it’s cropfest time again, but since the powers that be have demolished Crowthorne Guide HQ we improvised and had a day crop at a local primary school.

It was my turn to do the kit challenge. We had a pick-a-kit from stampin’ up.

Everyone got:

1 plain sheet

2 quarters

2 strips

7 bits of chipbaord

4 buttons

1 brad

2 flowers

I also put out the pens, punches and stamps that co-ordinated.

Here’s my kit ready to go…

And here are everyone’s results…

(yes Laura, there you are again, and no, not my layout!)

And of course no cropfest post would be complete without some gallery shots. I think this was taken after the first few people had left but

not a bad gallery either for only a few of us and one day…

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See the *cute* thing that the very lovely Alison made for Em this week. I love having such talented friends!

Thanks Alison!

It’s going to hang on her bedroom door (when she has a bedroom that is!)

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