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So as you do on a Monday Morning with nothing better to do I hopped around the link parties. (See where I party here.)

And I found this yummy looking sprinkle covered sugar cookie recipe over at Jellibean Journals. Now I’ve never made American style sugar cookies. Miss Emily and I decided we’d give it a go. (note to self: baby and gooey mix, not a good combination!)

I thought they would stay ball shaped like this:

sprinkle sugar cookies

Don’t they look so pretty? I spent so long coating every last bit of cookie ball with sprinkles. I wanted to put them on sticks like cake pops. I was quite excited about this, which means Miss Emily was excited too.

Who knew that what they actually do is this?

sprinkle sugar cookies

They didn’t come out nearly so pretty as Jelli’s but they did taste good! (and Miss Emily and I used up a LOT of half jars of sprinkles too… time for a sprinkle shopping spree?)

sprinkle sugar cookies

Not one of my best baking moments, but we’ll certainly try it again…


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