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After a few (or maybe a lot) of arguments about the number of times that a certain small boy has to get down from the dinner table to clean his fingers we started him using a wet flannel (face cloth). I since decided that maybe it having to be wet isn’t a very transportable or socially normal solution. That and he still preferred to wipe them along the glass table than on the flannel. He’s really not keen on the paper napkin/serviette route, yes even if it has Mario on it, as it too ‘feels funny’.

So here is our simple solution.

Have small boy choose funky fabric.

Cut said funky fat quarter in 4. (is it now a fat eighth?)

Iron rolled hems into place (beats pinning any day!)

Stitch hems.

Present to small boy at meal times.

Happy small boy = happy Mummy

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So I read about a mind jar on http://creativelittledaisy.typepad.com I decided I’d have a go.



Food colouring

glue gun

water/ glue mix or

sugar syrup

and here’s the how to (sugar syrup version):

First make the sugar syrup by heating sugar and water in a pan (equal parts eg 300g sugar to 300ml water).

Pour the sugar syrup into a clean dry jar. Add the food colouring (not too much!) and a teaspoonful of fine glitter.

Use a glue gun to seal the lid on.

It’s hard to take photos of the glitter swirling but I have tried!

It remains to be seen if it’s calming or not but he does seem to like it.

Serenity you

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As I started reading up about Sensory Processing Disorder one of the first things that kept coming up was visual timetable. Now I had already been researching this as a way to transition between activities without meltdown! However it was one of those small ideas that come up every so often around here that get out of hand and take months to complete! Below is how it looked when first finished. It’s a bit of a work in progress though and we add magnets as we realised we need them.

I asked for magnetic black board paint for Christmas with the idea of re-doing the understairs cupboard door. I had seen the paint used on various blogs for makeovers. I’m not sure if I could recommend it or not. It definately does do what is says on the tin, and we do now have a magnetic blackboard.

However it took aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. I used a small foam roller which according to the tin would take 6 coats. I think we were closer to 20!! The whole tin is on that door! But I do love the result. I have a short attention span so the coats went on randomly when I felt like it between about May and August. (Yes, I did say I got it for Christmas, but I’m a procrastinator!)

I bought some coloured chalk from ikea for the writing and then wondered how to actually make a visual timetable.

I knew I wanted to use the printable magnets that I had also gotten for Christmas. I expectced to download something to print but nothing seemed quite right. In the end we settled for printing 2″x2″ photos of friends, places and activities (such as church, park, shopping, baking etc).

As well as more standard daily routine blocks with words and downloaded clip art that I put together myself. I also made blocks for days of the week.

We keep all the magnets at the top and I put together the day’s timetable on the bottom half of the door.

We also put things that are coming up with the number of sleeps to go countdown on here!

Edited to add:  See later post here for a download of the visual timetable graphics.

and here for when we changed to a week at a time.

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So around here we have to take Summer in the odd days it arrives, and this year I think the English summer has been really rather good! [She types watching the rain trickling down the window.]


Here’s a flash back to a couple of weeks ago when Oz had great fun with paint in the sunshine. I’ve wanted to do this activity for a while but haven’t been brave enough, and you’ll note that even when we were brave enough I’m behind the camera and our friend Susan is in the paint. Susan works in childcare. I’m pretty sure she has No Fear.


all ready to start


The concept is simple. Wait for a sunny day and head outside. Tape paper to deck. Splurge paint into tray. Put feet in tray. Walk on paper to create Art. Repeat with various paint colours. Have bowl of soapy water and a towel ready!


all squelchy in here...


Oz has sensory processing issues so we were also prepared for total meltdown. Always an occupational hazard with a preschooler I guess. No meltdown came though he loved it. A Lesson for Mummy to be brave more often!


squelch squelch squelch


One thing I would say if you try this, that paint is very slippy! Lift small children in and out of the paint tray and maybe hold a hand until they get used to the slidey sort of movement on the paper.

 creating art!


Hope you enjoy summer time paintiness.

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