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It’s an oldie but a goodie!

You will need:

(Washable) Paint

Egg box or paint palette



Tea spoon

Shallow box (we used a lid from a copier paper box)

You probably want to protect your clothes, table and floor those marbles get everywhere!

Dispense the paint into the egg box. Lay a piece of paper in the bottom of the copier box.

Plop your marbles into the paint. Scoop them out with the teaspoon and dump them into the box. We used one marble per child.

Start tilting the box and let the fun begin. Keep dropping the marble back into the paint for top ups/changes of colour.

This is actually good for both fine (teaspoon) and gross motor skills (tilting the box). It’s also good for sensory defensiveness as you don’t *have* to touch the paint if you don’t want to.

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