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So I found these lemon magic bars on inside Bru Crew life . They look awesome and yummy and amazing (go have a look!)

Mine not so much.

There were a few set backs 🙂 I’m allergic to dairy so condensed milk isn’t a possibility or indeed white chocolate. My household won’t eat coconut. Also we don’t really do box cake mixes in the UK like they do in the USA. (When I was in Texas there was seriously a whole aisle of them in the supermarket!)

Undeterred I ploughed on! I made my usual lemon sponge mix. (5 eggs of it, but added extra flour as her mixture was described as thick.)

Once made up I poured it into a pyrex dish.  (I figured that Brownies need glass or pyrex and this is similar, right?) Next Miss Emily and I walked to the shop (in the falling SNOW) to buy a pack of marshmallows. It seems I should have checked ingredients before commencing baking. On returning home we sorted the nmarshallows to get just white ones, pressed the marshmallows in and added some sprinkles….



We pushed them down well into the cake mix and jammed it in the oven at 180 degrees C. Half way through baking I discovered the marshmallows were browning nicely. oops! Oh no! I loosely covered the cake in tinfoil to porotect them!


Here is the end result… I was a bit disappointed after the shiny white magic bars.  But it tasted yummy and I have had requests for a renmake so I guess it was a sucess!




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