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Spring has truly sprung at last and things are afoot in the garden here at number 29. Having moved house there are definite out of control issues in the garden here, despite this being our second spring living in it.

With both the garden and the blog (and I suppose the house itself in a way) I have decided to actively not left the perfect stand in the way of the good. It’s a project house with a wasteland of a garden that is far from the top priority but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have little bits of funky cool cuteness spread around the place now does it??

Well of course not, what would number 29 be if we didn’t have the occasional oasis of cool amid the chaos? Just Mess and chaos is what! And we can’t have that, can we?

One of the little coolnesses that is brightening our garden this spring is the mud kitchen.

mud kitchen

Miss Emily and Friends have been cooking up a storm in a kitchen made from a few bricks and bits of wood from the burning pile and some tin plates and old saucepans that Oma donated from her garage. (Thanks Oma!)

Various muddy leafy concoctions are served on a regular basis!

mud kitchen2

If you have small people it’s well worth trying. Hours of fun have come from 10 minutes set up using only stuff we already owned or were planning to throw out! It’s not all that pretty and perfect to my eyes, but to a nearly-three-year-old with a big imagination and a lot of people to feed, it’s awesome!

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