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Here is a short ‘tutorial’ for the egg box bugs that we made this week.

You will need:

egg boxes



googly eyes

card for wings (ours was corregated)

scrap paper for templates

glue (we used pritt stick)


paint brushes


How to make the bugs:

First cut the ‘cups’ out of the egg box.

Now paint theOUTSIDE of the egg box cups whatever colours you’d like the box to be. (top tip: use another egg box as a paint pallette!)


While waiting for the paint to dry, draw yourself some wing templates and cut wings from card.

Decorate wings using whatever comes to hand and leave to dry if required. (here fun foam shapes and glitter glue)

Once dry, apply googly eyes.

Choose a colour for legs. Cut a pipe cleaner in to three. Poke holes in the bug to thread legs through.

Add the wings using pritt stick or pva.

Your imagination is now the limit!!!



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As I mentioned on Friday I’m currently posting from a field!

This morning we had a rather wet session of racing, and we couldn’t even really see the course from the camper window as it was so rainy. You’ll be pleased to know it brightened up this afternoon. The course here at Gang Warily (when it’s not raining) looks like this:

This is Formula 503 on the grid.

Since we couldn’t see the race course we decided to make our own.

The pom poms are buoys on the lake don’t you know? and can you see the concertina craft) in the paddock and concertina spectators? Weused paper, card, an egg box, pens and glue.

So now you know what to do at a wet race meeting…

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So I already mentioned I’ve been gaining loads of inspiration from link parties right? Well I read about this car wash that a lady had made for her son while on holiday. I forget where I got the link to her blog from, but the blog is http://www.nouveausoccermom.com. The more I thought about this idea the more I loved it! So Oscar and I started construction!


Here is our take on the car wash:


The small box came with a delivery to work. We took off the parcel tape and label and stuck the flaps back down with double sided tape. (This is because poster paint doesn’t stick to parcel tape!) I cut the doors out (a steak knife is great for corrugated cardboard) and Oscar painted the box and a little piece of extra cardboard to be the sign and I added ‘car wash’ to it.

While they were drying we made the rollers and the floppy door curtain. (It was these that had made me love the original idea so much.) I cut the door curtain and strips to cover the rollers from a jay cloth. Oscar cut the slits in them.

We made 2 cardboard rollers (loo rolls were sadly too big) and Oscar helped staple the strips of jay cloth on. I stapled the rollers and curtain to the box and attached the sign with double sided tape and we were done.



Once we finished the car wash was immediately pressed into use, as one small boy decreed many cars to be very dirty. So much so that he created lanes from pennies to keep them all in order!


carwash in action

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So around here we have to take Summer in the odd days it arrives, and this year I think the English summer has been really rather good! [She types watching the rain trickling down the window.]


Here’s a flash back to a couple of weeks ago when Oz had great fun with paint in the sunshine. I’ve wanted to do this activity for a while but haven’t been brave enough, and you’ll note that even when we were brave enough I’m behind the camera and our friend Susan is in the paint. Susan works in childcare. I’m pretty sure she has No Fear.


all ready to start


The concept is simple. Wait for a sunny day and head outside. Tape paper to deck. Splurge paint into tray. Put feet in tray. Walk on paper to create Art. Repeat with various paint colours. Have bowl of soapy water and a towel ready!


all squelchy in here...


Oz has sensory processing issues so we were also prepared for total meltdown. Always an occupational hazard with a preschooler I guess. No meltdown came though he loved it. A Lesson for Mummy to be brave more often!


squelch squelch squelch


One thing I would say if you try this, that paint is very slippy! Lift small children in and out of the paint tray and maybe hold a hand until they get used to the slidey sort of movement on the paper.

 creating art!


Hope you enjoy summer time paintiness.

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