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Don’t you love Christmas baking? I do!

I was persuaded by some wise friends to let Miss Emily ‘help’ and to let her make a mess! Well Susan and Kate, you’d be proud of me. I wish I was the messy mummy more often, but see I let her play with flour and even eat it!!!

Gratuitous baby photos coming up (in case you can’t see how cute she is in the album pic which is, I promise you, coming!  (can I spell gratuitous btw?)



Right, if you made it past all that here is today’s DD page:



As you probably saw I used the stars overlay, and stuck a second photo to it. The teeny cookie cutter buttons are from hobby craft.

I also found 6×6 paper with 2 slightly different wishlist blanks on it, side by side. (It’s by kaiserkraft.) I folded it and stuck it back to back and journalled on it. This has gone in as a flipper before Day 1. As ever I may yet move it. 🙂 Here it is:



I really must include the gingerbread recipe one year! maybe I’ll fit it in someplace this year. There’s bound to be more cookies to come!


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One of Oscar’s sensory activities this week was making cookies. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been baking with him since he was big enough to squodge his chubby little baby fingers in the dough, but this whole thing with the Occupational Therapist has led me to look at everyday activities in a totally different way. It occurred to me that the rest of the world might be interested to see it from this point of view.

So prepare to have your eyes opened (or glazed over, one of the two) here is sensory cookie baking!

First measure the ingredients. Read the numbers off the recipe and help Mummy pour them in until the scales say the right number (that’s maths though, not sensory at all).

The weight of the flour tub when you’re only 3 is good proprioceptive input though. Enjoy the tactile experience of each ingredient as it goes in. (Get a bit grossed out with the golden syrup though!) Check to see if the ‘little bits’ in sugar or the flour are bigger! Try to manouver two spoons to add the butter. (fine motor).

Smell the powdered ginger and give it a quick taste! There’s input for you!
Try to judge how much force to use to break the egg. (proprioceptive/fine motor control/hand strength)

Turn on the mixer and brace yourself for the noise and the vibration. Get scared, turn it off again quick. Repeat.

Stick your fingers in and help make dough. Stop half way to get the icky sticky stuff off your hands cos the tactile overload is too much!

Put it in the fridge to chill.

Feel how cold and sticky the dough is. See how hard you have to push it with your finger to make a dent. Feel the difference between the soft powdery flour and the dough.
Roll out the dough. This is good proprioceptive input all the way up your arms. Roll it so hard you have to do it again you squashed it too thin.

Cut out some cookies (proprioceptive/fine motor control/hand strength).

Beg Mummy for the little letter stamps and work out what to say. Clip them together using fine motor control. Now comes the hard bit. Ruin several cookies by pressing too hard or too soft. That’s okay as you get to roll out more dough.

Put the cookies on the tray. (It feels hard and smooth and cold. Not at all soft like the cookies and the now warm dough)

Bake the cookies. Smell the yummy ginger wafting round the house. And hopefully in a minute get to taste a still warm but not too hot cookie.

Note: the cookie letters are a Christmas Seasonal from Tchibo. Gotta love Tchibo, shame it’s now only a European holiday shopping treat!


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