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It’s been a difficult couple of days around here, but I got caught up last night. (3 days in just under an hour so don’t expect great art forms!) I have 3 more days to get through at work this week, then comes a break! Hurrah! Also this week comes Oscar’s dress rehersal and nativity play and nursery Christmas party. Not to mention the finishing of all the Christmas presents still uncompleted! not a lot then!

Here is day 9.

Here is the Right hand side. Rub on’s by Studio G and from my advent calendar. (Thanks Sue) Sparkly sticker from a cheapie pack that i despaired of ever using. Strip is fabric/ribbon pre sticky bnacked and I think from paper mania or dove craft.

Here is the rather boring left hand side.

It has thickers and some snowflakes from a japanese brand.

Day 10 is basically a mirror of day 9, to match up through the transparency…

Left hand side:

and the very plain flipper on the right…



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