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It’s not exactly a Friday Cake Break, but it *is* a yummy bake.

You remember the harvest bounty from our lovely garden?

harvest bounty

Well after the novelty of blackberry and Apple Crumble ran out (as indeed did the blackberries) there were (and still are) about a million apples still to eat. Hmmmm so the freezer is full of stewed apple and cooked blackberries…. we should try some other cooking methods…

We did momentarily have dried apple rings but it turns out they take about an hour to peel. core, chop, removing manky bits; 5 hours to dry in a very low oven; and about 3 minutes to eat. So lets not do that again. Gone so quick there’snot even a photo.

These parcels were an experiment born of left over pastry and of course a lot of apples hanging about.

Pastry, apple and brown sugar with cinamon…

baked apple parcels

Beautifully and tidily wrapped, not.

baked apple parcels baked apple parcels

Pretty? not so much. Oh but sooooo yummy with custard. Will do these again. 🙂

baked apple parcels


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