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Today’s cake was to celebrate Oscar’s first full week at school. It’s take on a kit kit cake that I have seen a lot all over blogland and that Oz, looking over my shoulder, coveted deparately!

It’s supposed to have kit kat around the edge (don’t they know that Cadbury’s don’t make kit kats? Foolish people) and M&M’s on top. Our version has skittles on top (dairy free don’t you know) and Cadbury’s fingers on the outside (mummy has to cut those off). It’s all held on by gooey chocolate frosting in enormous amounts. Sugar headache? Did I ever! It did go down well though with them as were leaving for the worlds last weekend. (Sorry Team Black you missed it, bet your quiche and salad wasn’t this yummy!) And of course my big school boy loved it!

Careful people, can’t you feel the calories leaking through your screen…


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