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Hello this is a guest post that I did last year that I thought you might all like to see!

They were so pretty lit, yet I can’t find a single photo…

Today I’m posting about our family advent countdown. I had been trying to think what to do this year and I kept seeing these tealights for vastly extravagant prices… you know what happened next… the infamous “Well, I can make that!”

Of course mine aren’t exactly the same but I like them (better than the shop ones!):

Here’s the how to!

You will need:

24 tea lights



double sided tape

glue dots

sizzix and dies (or your own templates)


‘peel off’ numbers (or other small stickers)


fine glitter

Here’s how I did it!

First use double sided tape to wrap ribbon around the night light.

Cut out some small paper shapes to decorate. I used quikutz poinsttia and holly in my sizzix.

Use glue dots to add the decoration.

Now add bling and a number and your poinsettia is done!

Use a similar process for the holly. I just used these 2 designs but do what you think!

Repeat the process ad infinitum.  It helps if you have a lovely friend to cut while you stick (Thanks Juliet!)

When they were done they didn’t look quite finished. The lovely juliet came up with an ‘add glitter’ idea! I think she lives by the motto ‘sparkly is better!’ and in this case she is so right!

And that’s all there is to it! Have a happy advent!

Here are some other Christmassy projects from last year to get you in the mood!

Christmas Stocking

European Advent Traditions

Kids Craft

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So I’m guest posting today over at Family Ever After.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll get if you hop on over there for a look!

There’s a full tutorial and explanation!

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Today I’m posting about advent traditions. Advent is the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas, and in Christian Tradition it’s a time to prepare your heart for the coming of the Christchild. In our comercial world we’ve lost sight of this a bit, but I hope I can bring some (European flavoured) magic back to this special time of year for you.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever should believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life!” John 3:16

Jesus is the light of the world and the reason for the season! This shows a lot in the advent traditions in our house. I’m not really a candle person, but I do think they are a Christmas time must!

The Fourth Candle

This a central European tradition, that has migrated across the Channel, although I think maybe not accross the Atlantic. You make a pretty wreath with 4 candles. One candle is it on the first sunday of advent, 2 on the second until they are all lit right before Christmas. I could only find this really simple photo, but googling advent ring or adventkranz will get you LOADS of more elaborate images.


This one is a British tradition, which I discovered started  early last century to honour the Children’s society at Christmas. There is a children’s church service, usually an afternoon service so it’s dark in the church. Each child collects a christingle. It’s an orange to represent the world , with a candle in the top  to represent Jesus, the light of the world. A red ribbon around the middle represents the blood of Christ, saving the world, 4 cocktail sticks with fruits or sweets represtent the fruits of the earth.

At the end of the service all the candles are lit and the children are asked to relight them in the window at home to show their light to the world!

It’s a beautiful tradition. Here are last year’s christingles. (Oscar’s and his friends)

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes and in our house we love them! You can buy them of course; Oscar had a lego one last year!

And he has a book that makes a whole nativity over the first 24 days of December…

But we think the best ones are the home made!

Each year I swap with a group of scrapping friends and we all make and recieve a scrapping advent calendar. Here is the paint can I did for Vee last year and the stocking she did for me.

It’s so much fun to open a scrapping goodie everyday!

Here is the calendar I made when I was about 12 that still makes it out some years. You take a decoration out of a pocket each day and put it on the tree.

You can also see a German ‘Pyramid’. The heat from the candles makes the windmill on the top turn. Again this is a really simple one. The big ones have 3 or 4 levels and loads of candles. They are family heirlooms.

Then of course there are the candles, where you burn a bit every day. A bit nightmarish if you forget a day or are away or don’t have a full hour for it to burn; (or forget and burn 2 days) but oh so beautiful!

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for what I have planned for our family advent countdown this year as I’m guest posting about it on Family Ever After on December 5th!

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