Pink Lemonade Cake


Here is my entry for the school bake off. It didn’t get placed, but it did sell out first so not a complete flop!

I used powdered pink lemonade to flavour it, and its lemon icing and spinkled silver stars. It’s hard to tell from the photos but the layers are alternating dark and light pink.

pink lemonade cake

pink lemonade cake

Oscar’s Hovercraft Cake


There was a bake off at school towards the end of last term. Here is Oscar’s entry. I can’t help thinking he lost marks as nobody knew what a race meeting looked like, the cake even features Karen with her sunnies on! I was very proud of him.

hovercraft cake

hovercraft cake hovercraft cake hovercraft cake

Can you see Karen’s sunglasses?

hovercraft cake

Scavenger Hunt

Earlier in the holidays we tried out scavenger hunts. We are really happy with the space in our new big garden, even if Daddy says its a lot of mowing!

First I wrote a scavenger hunt for the kids. (Yes, Miss Emily does have clothes, you’ll have to excuse her state of undress, potty training you understand!)

garden scavenger hunt

There was a flurry of activity, trying to be the first to find everything on the list…

garden scavenger hunt garden scavenger hunt

Then the boys got all excited with the whole idea and ran with it. They each wrote me a scavenger hunt of items to find. I love it when they run with what we are doing. :)

garden scavenger hunt

Yes, we do have a cement mixer to spot!!!

garden scavenger hunt



So today is *actually* Friday! Did you spot the deliberate mistake on Monday?

Today’s cake was inspired by a picture that my lovely friend Emma posted on facebook. It was one of those meme things so I have no clue who to credit it to.

I used minstrels, chocolate buttons, chocolate sprinkles and some wierd aero things that were kind of like malteasers. It’s not quite like the pic, but not I think a total pinterest fail!

(See my *new* sparkly worktop!)

chocolate flowers cake chocolate flowers cake chocolate flowers cake

Spot the 3 million candles as Auntie Susan is sooooo old!

chocolate flowers cake

Caterpillar Update

We had to dig up a new ragwort plant this morning for our caterpillar’s breakfast. While doing so we found 3 more caterpillars!!


So now we have 4! I feel the relief of responsibility of managing to keep just one alive!!!

Oscar’s take on it? “This is Sooooo amazing it must be a dream!!!!”

So thankful for this much summer happiness from such a little thing. :)

This is a bit delayed, obviously we gave them out at the end of term…

rock pets

This was a fun messy one..

First we painted the stones.

rock pets rock pets rock pets

After they were dry we drew on them with sharpie markers, and painted them with a pva/water mix and stuck eyes on them. Technically only Miss Emily wanted the googly eyes on hers.

rock pets rock pets

When they were dry, Oscar added his thank you notes as a sort of tail. He stuck them on with foam pads.

rock pets rock pets


I’m actually setting up a few posts today, because we’ve been doing loads but somehow I never get to posting anymore, if all goes to plan you’ll be back to posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! We shall see, I might be interrupted with some form of general household emergency…. you know the ones… “Mummy, need potty!”, “That’s mine! Give it back!”, “Oops, it smashed!”….

Anyway so the first is the frozen cake I did earlier in the month. I’m a bit disappointed in the photos, but the customer was so happy with the cake so I guess that’s what counts. She supplied the figures.

First was the snowflake piping fun…

I used greasproof paper with printed snowflakes underneath as a guide.

piping snowflakes piping snowflakes

Unfortunately they didn’t all peel off the paper very well!

piping snowflakes piping snowflakes

Here is the finished cake!

Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake


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