I’m actually setting up a few posts today, because we’ve been doing loads but somehow I never get to posting anymore, if all goes to plan you’ll be back to posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! We shall see, I might be interrupted with some form of general household emergency…. you know the ones… “Mummy, need potty!”, “That’s mine! Give it back!”, “Oops, it smashed!”….

Anyway so the first is the frozen cake I did earlier in the month. I’m a bit disappointed in the photos, but the customer was so happy with the cake so I guess that’s what counts. She supplied the figures.

First was the snowflake piping fun…

I used greasproof paper with printed snowflakes underneath as a guide.

piping snowflakes piping snowflakes

Unfortunately they didn’t all peel off the paper very well!

piping snowflakes piping snowflakes

Here is the finished cake!

Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake Disney Frozen cake

It’s the first day of the holidays! We’ve been chilling at home while Emily gets used to the mechanics of big girl pants!

The kidlets found a caterpillar in the garden earlier. Of course this necessitates making it a house and hoping that we can grow a butterfly. 


We used a celebrations tub, 4 sticks and some tape, some tuille or net from my sewing stash and 2 of Emily’s hair bands!  We put in the ragwort (dug up by Oz, I’m worried we’ll need to source more if the poor creature is to survive!)

After an extensive Google search here he is….


Hopefully I’ll post some more summer fun shortly!

Hello! It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t posted in about a million years! In my defence, we moved in December and the new house is something  of a project. We have been busy renovating (Jamie) and nesting/coping (me).   On top of that the laptop has decided to die. I had this post all ready to go on my phone. Which promptly forgot how to talk to the wordpress motherhood. Logging in and out caused it to forget the post too!  Trying again on kindle.   Anyhow, down to business. Summery weather has finally reached Sussex. In fact I’m blogging sitting on a blanket under the Apple tree in the garden. Lovely. Today is the first chance I have  had to wear the shrug my Mummy made me from the “sweet knits” book by the awesomely talented Catherine Graham-Evans. Love her. She has a blog and a very tempting etsy shop. Which I will link to which I’ll link to when I reach a real pc! Below is the book, which is available from Amazon and all good bookshops. :) image

THere is my lovely shrug as knitted by my Mummy (thank you Mummy!) From a really soft cotton acrylic yarn. Love it! I can see more colours of this in my future!

image image

Dec 5 Advent Calendar Focus

Today is a little unorthodox. I put my page together while Emily is eating her lunch…

Not awesomely photogenic with sun in her eyes and not all that much eaten either.

Here is the page…

I might try adding something more dimensional later. If so I’ll update you!


It does look good with Christingle opposite I guess.


Let’s call it day 4…

So today I managed 2 entries in the advent journal/December daily type item. The pocket format really does make it simpler to get a basic page together, but harder, I think, to come up with the layered and full of details pages that I like to make. Turns out that I’m not all that satisfied with the look of basic!
Mum got me these really cool stickers from Cosmo cricket when she was in the States last week. I can see me using the whole pack in this album. They are teeny text with Christmas phrases.

See how cute they are?

So anyway here is today’s effort… the Santa Parade.


The elf outfit is Emily’s babycino. Have you ever seen the barrista’s face if you ask for a SOYA choc babycino?
Here is the journalling, let’s see how good the phone camera is!

I’ve also done Christingle. The facing page will be advent calendars but not got the photos I want yet.

Very happy with my handwritten Ali Edwards Style ‘overlay’ but see what mean about the one dimensional-ness? Not sure how to fix that…

Close up here…

Maybe see you with more tomorrow!

December Daily Countdown

Technically its not a dd at all. We are in the midst of moving house and getting over evil germs and all sorts of stresses so now is not the time for a huge project. But I couldn’t bring myself to give it up entirely. The plan is to do Christmassy events instead of every day.

So far I’ve only done the front though and that in the last few minutes… do you want to see? I’m blogging on my new phone (thanks mum!) so let me know if it comes out wonky!

I’m using the Stampin  Up Christmas album with all the cool pockets. I haven’t done any foundation and unusually for me I’m über apathetic so let’s see how it goes.
Not sure I should be allowed to blog in this sort of mood. I have it on the best of authorities that ‘Yummy Mummy’ blogs, which apparently this is, should be picture perfect and beautiful all the time and only show my beautiful and perfect life. I’ve decided to quit censoring… you get to see real life for a bit instead. Sorry. But Alison and Ally you do at least get something to read!

Hmmm I can’t make the phone do in blog links but if you look on the categories cloud to your right you should be able to click on did from 2012 and 2011 to see what I did then.


When I decided to do a tea party theme for Miss Emily’s birthday I was a bit (okay, very) conficted on what to make for the cake. I decided on a teapot (and a few times wished I hadn’t). I know I know, another rubbish picture. I will do better, I promise!

teapot cake

The fun started when the ball/hemisphere tin I hired wasn’t actually a hemisphere. The upshot was that to make a teapot shape the cake had to have a left and a right hemisphere as oposed to north and south!

We join the ‘build’ there…

teapot cake

Then for the handle and spout… This is the first time I tried doing the rice crispie treats thing. I ended up part forming, freezing for 20 minutes, moulding a bit, back in the freezer etc… I actually made 2 sets just in case.

  2013-04-30 15.18.00

It worked out okay though… (I wont mention the HUGE dowels that worked as scaffolding to hold up the handle and spout – you can see one of them in the handle picture below.)

teapot cake

teapot cake

Yes at this point, the glass is structurally integral! Fortunately by the next morning I managed to move the glass without the soput falling off!

teapot cake


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