I so can’t believe it’s time already but my baby started nursery this month.

You remember I am sure that they have to have plimsolls for indoor shoes and that here at number 29 we find plain black plimsolls to be boring and totally incompatible with our lifestyle!!! So here they are… Miss Emily’s nursery shoes!

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

painted plimsoll

Oscar’s version are here:


painted plimsolls


Today’s cake break is the first wedding of the 2 wedding cake weekend! It is 100% gluten free and was made for my lovely friend Vee and her new hubby! Enjoy!

IMG_9601 IMG_9600 IMG_9599 IMG_9598 IMG_9583

All photos taken by the talented Katherine Huggett, thanks lady!

Hey, if you are looking for a butterfly wedding cake, have you seen this from a couple of years ago?


Butterfly wedding cake

Wierd how they both wanted turquoise, isn’t it?

harvest bounty

Purple Stars Wedding Cake


Here is a lego topped wedding cake that I made this summer, bizarrely I’ve never used a lego topper before and in August I did 2 in the one weekend! Lovely Wedding Lee and Marika, thanks for including us in your special day. xxx




baking with Mummy baking with Mummy

Cardboard Box House

There is a long tradition of cardboard box creations here at number 29, and Miss Emily is just big enough to get on the act, so here, inspired by Edward and Christopher’s Grandparents is….. [insert drumroll please] ….. The cardboard box house!

cardboard box house cardboard box house cardboard box house cardboard box house

The letterbox has caused a resurection of the family postbox. did I post about that? Aparently not! I’ll take some photos in this iteration then. ;) lets not spoil the surprise.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is back! oh wait, does this mean that this post is no longer wordless??? hmm maybe! Anyhoo here’s one form our time in Dorset in August!

Charmouth Beach


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